Dental Extractions in Whittier, CA

Dental extractions are the removal of the teeth from their socket. In most cases, extractions are performed to remove a tooth that is badly infected due to cavities. They are also performed to get rid of teeth that have developed a root canal infection, too damaged to be restored, impacted wisdom teeth, and in order to make space for the remaining teeth to move in case of orthodontic treatment.

How is tooth extraction performed?

An extraction is perhaps the simplest oral procedure. We would visually screen the tooth to be extracted to check whether or not it can be restored. If so, we may suggest restorative methods such as crowns, veneers, composite bonding, etc. to get the tooth back to its original condition. But, when no restoration can do the job, it is best to get the tooth extracted to avoid complications in the future.

The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to remove the bacteria from the site of extraction. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the gums, teeth and the jawbone. It would take effect in a short while, after which the extraction procedure will be started. The tooth will be held firmly using forceps and shaken to free it from the socket. Once it loosens enough, it will be pulled out entirely along with the root. During this, patients usually feel a slight sensation of pressure, but absolutely no pain at all.

How to facilitate healthy healing?

Aftercare of the extraction site becomes very important after the tooth is removed. Right after the procedure, the dentist will ask you to bite into a piece of gauze to control the bleeding. This will also help to form a blood clot. During the next few days, consumption of anything too hot, cold or spicy should be avoided. Also, take care while brushing your teeth as the clot could get dislodged and result in more bleeding. To help you with the pain, appropriate medication will be prescribed by the dentist.

What’s next?

Leaving a missing tooth as is can cause a few disadvantages. The gap left by the missing tooth allows the adjoining teeth to drift from their positions. This can result in malocclusion as well as a change in the facial shape. Also, your phonetics and the way you bite and chew food will also be affected. This is why dentists recommend their patients get a tooth restoration to replace their extracted tooth.

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