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Cavities are, perhaps, the most encountered oral condition all over the world. The main cause of cavities is the accumulated plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. When they are not removed at regular intervals, they can release harmful acids that have the ability to erode the enamel. Thereby, the patient’s oral health will be jeopardized and the aesthetics of the smile will be ruined.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are restoratives that are applied to a cavity. They help to restore the shape and functionality of the infected tooth. Dental fillings are commonly made from amalgam, composite, or ceramic. Since composite and ceramic feelings can be customized to match the color and counter of the teeth, they are preferred over amalgam fillings.

Why should you choose dental fillings?

  • Fillings can be customized to exactly mimic the color of the existing teeth. This way, anyone who looks at you smiles or talk wouldn't have the fastest idea that you have a filling on.
  • They offer excellent sealing properties. Along with a small amount of medication, the reinfection of the cavity can be prevented.
  • They are highly durable. Their rate of wear is almost similar to that of the natural enamel.
  • They are long-lasting. With proper care, they usually last for several years together.


Prior to starting the procedure, the dentist would check for factors such as the extent of decay, existing restorations, size of the cavity, the strength of the tooth, etc. Once the candidacy is confirmed, you will be prepared for the filling procedure. The decayed tissues will be removed from the cavity and the walls will be scrubbed to get rid of the debris. Once the cavity is perfectly disinfected, the filling material will be prepared.

The filling material will be chosen based on your preference and the condition of the tooth. If you prefer a much aesthetic option, you should definitely go for ceramic or composite fillings as they are tooth-colored. After matching the color, texture, and translucency of the filling material with that of the enamel, it will be applied to the cavity and shaped accordingly. Once it's contour is finalized, it will be hardened using a suitable curing light. A bite test will be conducted to ensure a perfect fit of the filling.

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