Initial Oral Examination in Whittier, CA

Visiting a dentist at regular intervals, preferably once every six months, is recommended to keep a track of one’s oral health and to check for any unexpected issues. Your dentist would carefully analyze your oral cavity and determine the extent of the infection, if any, and suggest the right treatment and medication counter it. Dr. Violet has been treating patients with dental issues for several years now and her vast experience in the domain makes her one of the most sought-after dentists in the Whittier, CA region.

What happens during your initial oral examination?

Dr. Violet would carefully screen your entire mouth to check for factors that could jeopardize your oral health. Some of the aspects that she checks for are plaque and tartar accumulation, cavities, teeth discoloration, receding of gums, malocclusion, gum diseases, cysts, lesions, growth of suspicious tissues in the mouth, etc. Based on the observations, she would suggest a suitable treatment method to get rid of the issues.

Oral prophylaxis

Oral cleaning includes scaling and root planing, which is two procedures used to get rid of the plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth and the roots, respectively. This is essential as tartar contains thousands of microbes that cause cavities and gum diseases. Getting rid of them significantly improves one’s oral health. We use an ultrasonic scaling device for the purpose, which dislodges the deposits by vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies.


Cavities can put a tooth under serious risk of failing, as letting it stay untreated for a long time can cause a root canal infection. It can put the nearby gums at risk of getting infected. Hence, getting it restored using a suitable filling material would prevent the spreading of the cavity. We would disinfect the cavity, get rid of the microbes from it by scrubbing the walls, and apply a filling to it. It will be shaped according to the contour required and hardened.<;p>

Bite test

A bite test will be done to check the alignment of the teeth and how they come together when the jaws are clenched. Malocclusion can induce pains in the jaws, TMJ, neck, etc. when left untreated. Also, unequal pressure will be applied on different teeth which can change the facial shape as well. A bite test determines this and allows us to draw out a customized treatment plan.

Along with these, other procedures such as oral cancer screening, salivary diagnosis, extracting failed restorations, x-rays, panoramic scans, periodontal probing, etc. may be carried out.

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