The Preventive Program in Whittier, CA

Oral diseases, most often, come unexpected and can leave you in a bad fix. They can take a toll on your overall health, aesthetics of your smile, oral health, and confidence levels. If that wasn’t enough, they can burn a hole in your pocket if you let them stay untreated for long.

So, the only foolproof way to avoid all these issues is to stay clear or oral diseases. This is where preventive dentistry comes into the picture. It includes all the procedures and preventive measures one can take to avoid developing any oral disease in the first place, which, of course, eliminates the need to get them treated.

Preventive dentistry starts at home

Brushing and flossing are very important for you to maintain optimum oral health. They get rid of the majority of the microbes from the teeth, gums, tongue, and the inner soft tissues of the mouth. It also prevents the accumulation of bacteria in certain difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth, thereby preventing tartar deposits. This keeps the mouth free from microbes, allows your breath to be fresh for long, and reduces the chances of developing oral infections.

Choose a toothpaste that’s rich in fluoride as it prevents the formation of cavities. The toothbrush you use should be soft-medium bristled as a hard-bristle toothbrush could cause abrasion of the gums and inner soft lining of the mouth. It is best if both of them are approved by the ADA. Many individuals brush their teeth but do not floss, which is wrong. Getting rid of the food debris that’s stuck in between the teeth is essential to keep cavities away.

Keep tobacco away

Tobacco is one of the biggest cause of oral cancer in the United States. Chewing tobacco, its products, smoking cigarettes, etc. is highly dangerous as they contain hundreds of carcinogens and can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. They also cause other issues such as discoloration of teeth, gum diseases, tooth infections, and bad breath. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also known to have a negative effect on one’s oral health.

Limit the consumption of certain foods

Dentists always advise against the excessive consumption of sugary foods such as chocolate, pastries, chewing gum, etc. as they promote the formation of cavities. The longer you let the sugary content linger around in your mouth, the higher the risk of getting cavities. Eating and drinking acidic foods and drinks is also frowned upon as they can potentially wash away the calcium from the pores of the teeth. This makes them weak and susceptible to damage and wear.

Eat healthily

The teeth require their fair share of nutrients to stay in the best shape. Foods rich in calcium, proteins, and vitamins make the teeth stronger. Include foods such as dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs, almonds, fruits, veggies, etc. in your diet.

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